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What has a 8 o'clock morning coffee to do with Fiori?

Like a good strong cup of coffee first thing in the morning, Fiori can help sales representative in mill industries manage their tasks – quickly, effectively and easily.

And – I had an 8:00am coffee with my colleague Claire – a sales rep that uses Fiori to get an immediate overview about critical sales orders – and how to deal with them.

What happens at 8 o’clock?

I meet my colleague Claire for a hot cup of coffee, very strong - with whole milk (Claire takes hers black). Claire is a sales rep and has some great new ideas and tools for how she gets through her daily tasks. She was so enthusiastic about how much she is able to accomplish that I wanted to hear more…..

Claire opened her Fiori launch pad and sees that there are 52 sales order issues. She wants to review and work on the issues immediately- she opens the app.

She selects one sales order which is overdue and which needs immediate attention. The Fiori app shows Claire all relevant information for solving the issue and helps her to take action. 

She showed me how she systematically goes through the orders.

For some orders - she gets in touch with an internal contact in order to track the issues and resolve it.

In other cases the system supports her in solving the issue directly.

Step by step Claire goes forward and continues with the next most important order issues. 

I met her again at lunchtime and she told me that she had solved all the important order issues and was open that afternoon.  I took the opportunity to ask her to meet again that afternoon – to have her give me a deeper understanding of Fiori,  ---AND a piece of cake, which really belongs with a coffee – at least for me.

Here are some details:

Fiori is a key part of SAP’s User strategy. (More details:

Fiori enables customers to improve their SAP GUI screens

  1. RENEW widely used use scenarios
    (SAP Fiori) -
  2. PROVIDE consumer-grade UX for NEW applications
    (SAP UI5)
  3. ENABLE customers to improve UX of their specific value scenarios
    (SAP Screen Personas) - is a browser-based rendering engine for classic SAP Dynpro screens. It allows a high degree of personalization screens without ABAP programming or knowledge of back end systems most controls are drag and drop.. You can hide fields you don’t use, move elements around to fit your work flow, pre-fill fields, change colors, and add your own graphics. You can merge tabs together to simplify work flows and even automate keystroke using our powerful scripting engine.

For a bit more - read what Cement customer PPC is doing with Fiori!

Screen Personas and Fiori:  What are the differences? This might help:

SAP Screen Personas

SAP Fiori

Types of task

Specialized, routine tasks

Routine tasks

Transaction support

All SAP GUI transactions

Many common transactions

Out of the box functionality

Personalize any transaction in minutes

Ready to run

Primary focus

(Windows and Mac)

Smartphone, tablets, desktop


  1. Yes. You can modify any aspect of the SAP GUI to suit your unique needs.

Not necessary. Fiori apps run out-of-the-box on any device.

Tag line

Productivity through Personalization

Keeping simple things simple

Enjoy your day.