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June 24th was “Take Your Child to Work Day” for all the offices in the Silicon Valley. It is an opportunity for children to see where their parents spend 25% of their time. Each office created their own unique event to inspire 3 to 16 year olds to dream bigger The Dublin office created a unique experience to demonstrate the daily activities of their parents as well as the many components of SAP.

The day started off with the children gathering for donuts and meeting Sharkie, the San Jose Sharks Mascot. You can always count on Sharkie to bring lots of laughs and excitement. They then broke into teams for a name recognition team building activity and to decide their team name. The team leaders (the 14 year olds and older participates) were given a map of the campus and a clue describing their first stop on the scavenger hunt.

Each clue brought the groups to different points of interest spread across campus to give the children a tour    including the gym where the kids exercised with the trainer, the IT Lync center where they saw the inner workings of a computer, the design thinking space where they played QuizSAP and Flappy SAP sponsored by the IT Services Enterprise Mobility team, a meeting room where they witnessed a colleague Skyping in from Germany and the Aquaponics tank where they met our catfish. Along the way, participates passed by the server room, waved to the children at the Syberkids daycare, rode up and down the elevator and overall experienced the atmosphere of SAPsv Dublin campus.

After the scavenger hunt, the children were treated to lunch while watching Finding Nemo. Once lunch was over and the movie stopped holding our young SAPers attention, they could participate in a Markers Faire. Everyone enjoyed building IoT fla

shlights using a Popsicle stick, LED mini lights, binder clips and some copper wire    courtesy of the Palo Alto d-shop. The other activity was building a structure made out of marshmallows and toothpicks. It was amazing what young minds can come up with. To close out the event, Dublin colleagues brought down Robots and other IoT gadgets from the Dublin Build-a-Thon the Monday prior.

I have always felt that the Dublin campus was a community and the “Take Your Child to Work Day” event really showed our commitment to the families that work here. Thank you to everyone who helped make this event a true success!