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Last month, I had the privilege to sit down with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions expert and jazz musician Francesco Crosara to discuss the comparisons between rapid-deployment solutions and jazz music (click here for the 1st blog). My interview with Francesco continues…

Why are you making a parallel between music and SAP? What do jazz & blues have to do with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions?

Many metaphors have been devised to explain the concept of SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions, and the underlying Assemble to Order implementation approach.  A popular one is building blocks, where each SAP rapid-deployment solution is being compared to a toy building block, and multiple blocks assembled together create that “truck” or “house” as defined in the box.  Another favorite metaphor compares SAP rapid-deployment solution to the assembly line in an automotive plant, with each component (engine, transmission, etc) being re-utilized to assemble the car in the end.  The list goes on.  Being an artist and musician, I wanted to utilize a different metaphor, something that appeals more to the creative spirit, basically, introduce the “right” brain hemisphere to the “left” and create equilibrium.

Is it possible to combine the ‘left + right’ brain?

(image from

Absolutely! The fact is that every human being has a predisposition to being both analytical (left brain) as well as emotional (right brain) in varying degrees.  We cannot limit ourselves to thinking in absolute terms only. We each have innate capabilities, but can learn to compensate by engaging other areas of the brain.  There is a lot to be gained from this.  For example, the most successful salespeople (a typically right brain function) are the ones who are also able to discuss product features or implementation methodology in depth with the customer. Similarly, the greatest product developers (a typically left brain function) have also the ability to converse with customers, listen and understand business needs and pain points, and ultimately create a vision of the overall solution.  Examples of great left & right brain personalities in history are for me Leonardo da Vinci and Steve Jobs – they both were able to dream the greatest vision and then dive into the details to turn it into reality.  There is a bit of Leonardo in each one of us :smile: .

Music is a great way to expand our capabilities.  Music has both a left and right brain component, so it is a perfect tool to utilize. Being a musician enables me to apply as much creativity as possible into my own approach to business.  Being a performer enables me to look at each business communication as a performance in its own right.  Conversely, being an SAP professional keeps me grounded with a solid analytical foundation even in my approach to music.  Bottom line, every one of us should strive to reach the optimal balance of left and right brain characteristics without compromising our natural inclination.

Can you prove your jazz & blues metaphor hypothesis? Can we see (and hear) how it works?

Yes, you can!  I just completed a 3-part video series entitled “Playing the Blues with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions”. Part 1 is showcased below, and it focuses on the basics of “Simple SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions” as correlated to the “basic blues pattern”. The main message here is that SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions are based on established configuration templates which follow specific implementations rules.  By reusing the content again and again, we create a predictable business outcome at a set price - quickest time to value and lowest TCO and TCI.  As a metaphor, jazz and blues musicians can always rely on playing the basic 12-bar blues pattern based on 3 fundamental blues chords. In other words, the blues structure is also based on a template and on specific rules, which any jazz and blues player knows and can perform on a moment’s notice.  But don’t take my word for it, check out part 1 of the video right here:

Are you able to combine your ‘left + right’ brain?!?

Let’s find out … with the Jazz Lyrics Contest for SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions!!! (Deadline for lyrics submissions is June 30 - click the link for more info)

Explore Francesco Crosara’s jazz at: