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In April, I sat down with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions expert and jazz musician Francesco Crosara to discuss the comparisons between rapid-deployment solutions and jazz music (click here for the 1st blog). The interview continued in May, and this time Francesco added visuals and sound with a music video produced specifically for SAP from his home studio (click here for the 2nd blog).  We continue today with the conversation about jazz, blues, and SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions.

You produced a new video for today’s blog. How is this one different from the one we saw before?  What is the message here?

This is the second short video in a 3-part series entitled “Playing the Blues with SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions” which I produced in my home studio.  The intent is to illustrate with music the types of SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions in a gradual progression from simplest to most complex.  Last time I started with the basics and presented the concept of a simple solution using the analogy of the “basic blues pattern”. In many cases, simplicity and a standard approach are enough for our customers to achieve their goal to implement SAP functionality in the fastest time and at the lowest cost. 

This new video takes the conversation one level deeper, and illustrates how certain specific SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions come with a set of options in order to provide added flexibility.  There are 2 main flavors when considering a complex solution: 1 – modularity (start by deploying a foundational scope and then add on optional components for a more complete solution); 2 – t-shirt sizing (select the applicable solution based on the customer profile - small, medium, large, etc).  Some solutions can even be a mix of modular and t-shirt sizes for ultimate flexibility! 

The analogy with playing the blues follows a similar line:  sure, a simple blues can be just perfect depending on the occasion, but typically, jazz musicians will take the blues form and add a more complex harmony, transforming the whole song into a more sophisticated performance.

You said there is a 3rd video coming up. Can you give us a sneak preview?

I can tell you that the final video will take the blues to a whole new level.  Building on the simple to complex concept, the third video will highlight the Assemble-to-Order (A2O) approach, where we now combine multiple SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (typically in the cloud and powered by HANA) to form an organic whole which is larger than the sum of the individual parts.  Musically, it is equivalent to putting together a whole band to play the blues.  I might do just that, you will have to wait for the next blog to find out!

Are you able to combine your ‘left + right’ brain?

Let’s find out … with the Jazz Lyrics Contest for SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions!!! Click here for more info on how to participate! (Deadline for lyrics submissions is June 30)

Explore Francesco Crosara’s jazz at: