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It's quite funny, we often talk about how you can "ask" any question you like, open door policies and all of that however it's seldom that people really put their money where their mouth is.

Today I did my show, it's a show that I do in my own time and is not part of my job but occasionally I will tie it into the day to day stuff here and at SAP.

Now today's show was about "Code Signing and Events" and when I spoke with a few folks here at SAP they asked if I could mention something for them as well. I didn't want to because I was not 100% comfortable with the process - after a good long discussion we came to a proposal that I'm happy to say has been accepted and is now live! It was a proposal I fully accept, endorse and will now consider this to be an excellent opportunity for everyone in the community! If you don't take it I'd say it's your lose! It's like the whole idea of voting, I vote because that gives me the right to complain and whine afterwards. If I don't vote then I don't have the right to complain about things.

You can catch the replay of the show here,


The highlight for the SAP Community though was around the topic of "Ask the Execs", a great platform to ask a question of the SAP execs while they are onstage during the SAP TechEd keynotes! Not many companies do this so I've always thought the idea was brilliant but my concern was always on the execution, what about the questions that don't get asked? Where are they? Well as of yesterday all the questions from 2007 have now been published and all the ones from this year will be published and answered after SAP TechEd as well.

They've made massive improvements to the process from last year,


  1. Create a video of yourself asking your question. Limit the time to 30 seconds. 
       a. We accept a wide range of video file formats such as .WMV, .MOV, and .MPG/.MPEG transferred from most digital cameras and camcorders. For best results, convert your video to MPEG4. We can accept videos up to 10 MB. We do not suggest you use the .avi format due to our file size limitations.
       b. Please begin your video by introducing yourself - your name, company affiliation, your job function and relationship to the SAP Communities (e.g. Mentor, SDN member since 200x, etc).
  2. Email your video question to: *
  3. You will receive confirmation that we have received your video.
  4. If your video is selected as a finalist, you will receive an email one day before your local keynote so you can be sure not to miss it.
  5. If your video is used at SAP TechEd, it will be featured as a winner on the SAPCommunities YouTube Channel along with the SAP executive's answer. 
I'll even add one more item to the bunch, if you want to can find me during the Community Day (Vegas, Berlin or Bangalore) in any of the locations and I'll let you record your 30 second video and be sure it gets submitted as well.


The execs going to be present on stage are, in Las Vegas, John Schwarz, CEO of Business Objects, and member of the SAP Executive Board. Léo Apotheker, co-CEO of SAP AG, will give the keynote in Berlin. In Shanghai, don't miss Vishal Sikka, CTO of SAP AG. And in Bangalore, look forward to Jim Hagemann Snabe, member of the Executive Board of SAP AG. 

Now tht's all well and good but remember all questions will be answered so you can ask anything and even if one of those folks don't answer it on stage it'll be answered by an exec inside of SAP afterwards!