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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

If you have been following me on Twitter (and why wouldn't you 😉) or on my blogs here at SCN, you would probably have notices that us guys in the Developer Relations Team at SAP are putting on an IoT based InnoJam at the SAP Campus in Palo Alto, CA. This will take place the weekend before we move onto SAP TechEd && d-code in Las Vegas, so Saturday & Sunday October 18-19 (InnoJam, Palo Alto, CA).

NOTE If you want to know more, be sure to check out my CodeTalks on the SCN YouTube Channel here.

So today I thought I would share one scenario, that I would like you attendees that are registering to contemplate as something you could work on...

In the current drought situation it is essential to lessen the environmental impacts of farming, due to better water consumption, reducing soil erosion & degradation, taking into account, crop specification, local climate (light & wind etc) & predicted weather conditions. This could possibly be extended all the way through to harvesting, transport & shipping (Field to Port) lessening infrastructure challenges, but thats another story!

A solution could be engineered with SAP technology, such as SQL Anywhere running on a Raspberry Pi. This same R-Pi would be connected to wind, moisture and sunlight sensors to gather and store those metrics, that could be synchronised either directly back to HCP or in batch at certain times of the day.

In turn the HCP could be getting data from weather forecasts to make predictions on how much water should be used, with those factors (wind, moisture, sunlight) in mind, combined with the forecast. For example if there is rain forecast, calculate how much less water can be used. Then the amount of water calculated and time of dispensing should be sent back to R-Pi, which could actuate a control valve, to dispense the amount of water used.

I'm sure there will be other scenarios and you could also decide on one yourself. 

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