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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Dear SAP Community,

Two years ago, when I joined SAP, little did I know this would be such a fantastic experience and that I would celebrate my work anniversary with a virtual event.

I have recently had the opportunity to collaborate with some of my colleagues from the EMEA North region in the organization of a month-long event called SAP Enterprise Support Virtual Innovation Month.


Although mainly dedicated to our SAP Enterprise Support customers in EMEA North, this event has counted with the participation of SAP users from more than 26 countries and 21 industry sectors, bringing the total figure of attendees through October to a number very close to 200.

English has been our primary language, also running a couple of sessions in the French language for our francophone participants.



The feedback we have received has also been impressive. Out of a satisfaction survey we have run at the end of each session, our satisfaction rate has been over 91%. This means that most of the participants who voted in the survey were very satisfied or satisfied with the event results.

Those are just some of the mentions we have received:



The good news is that the SAP Enterprise Support Virtual Innovation Month didn't end on October 29. If you missed the event or some of the sessions, you can still check the replays or download a copy of the presentation if you need it. Why not check it out?

SAP Enterprise Support Virtual Innovation Month Replays


I didn't want to finish this blog without a mention to my colleagues, without whom this event wouldn't have been possible:

Trent Cannar, SAP Enterprise Support, UKI (and our leader for the sessions)

Julia Rossi, SAP Enterprise Support, France

Hugo Perez, SAP Enterprise Support, Belux

Pablo Asensio, SAP Enterprise Support, Nordics

Sharon O'Neill, SAP Enterprise Support, Global Enablement Office

Helen McGuiness, SAP Enterprise Support, Global Enablement Office


Thank you very much for reading,

Marisa Sepulveda

SAP Enterprise Support