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Update 22nd of June: Tuesday June 23rd 8am PST New SAP Mentor Introduction Webinar. Details further down.

New SAP Mentors June 2009

I am happy to announce and please help me welcome 4 new SAP Mentors: Nathan Genez, Tony de Thomasis, Stephen Johannes and Mrinal Wadhwa.

Time zones are hard for a group that is as diverse as the SAP Mentors are. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised when we I did the introduction to the new SAP Mentors 9am PST this morning and Tony de Thomasis dialed in, even with webcam. It was 2am in his hometown Altona Australia close to/part of? Melbourne.

Tony de Thomasis is working for the Australian Post Office and has over 20 years experience with SAP implementations. He installed the first SAP R/2 system in Australia for Mobil Oil way back in 1989 - when there was no Service Marketplace or SDN. Over the years he have been priviliged to learn from the great SAP minds and the greater SAP community.

He attended the last 4 Tech-Eds both in the USA and Europe - always paying his own way. He strongly believe that SAP Tech-Ed is the best opportunity to share customer experiences with SAP visionaries, partners and other like minded customers.

He strongly believer that collaboration and innovation are two critical ingredients required for a successful implementation. During times of reduced spending and shrinking budgets, we are witnessing an evolution of IT. Companies which embrace collaboration and innovation will adapt and ride out the downturn, perhaps even save money.

nathan.genez/blog is very active in the SAP community whether it is SCN, ASUG, the SAP Financials or BI Expert newsletters (He has published over a dozen articles) or their associated conferences.  He has also participated in a podcast with Jon Reed and Elke Simon-Keller of SAP on the new BPX page in SCN. 

He has blogged on more topics than anyone else in the ERP area and will be blogging some more once he is done testing the latest ERP EhP dealing with realignment issues in PCA and the NewGL.  He has done a ton of work on the ERP Financials Wiki of SCN and is moderating the ERP forums.



mrinal.wadhwa/blog brings a unique perspective to the SAP community. As SAP makes a transition into the world of richer user interfaces with technologies like the latest version of webdynpro, flash/flex and silverlight islands etc. ... He has a lot of experience to share with the SAP developers transitioning to this new world. His experience of working with flash/flex community will be very useful as he is able to apply some of that experience in growing the Rich User Interfaces community within the SAP ecosystem. He has been working with some cutting edge technologies like Flex, AIR etc for 3+ years now. He writes his own blog and is active on Twitter. He presented ESME at DemoJam at TechED Bangalore '08 and also gave a talk at DevCamp Bangalore.   
Is a key contributor to the ESME project that is a great example of how the SCN community enabled the creation of an excellent piece of software.

He manages the Bangalore Flex User Group -- who meets once every month do discuss various flex related topics. He also organized the very first RIA conference in India - initRIA.

stephen.johannes2/blog is a Senior Analyst- SAP CRM at Bunge North America working in the St. Louis, MO area.  He has been working with SAP solutions for the last ten years and has been exploring computer science/IT since he was young.  He is an avid St. Louis cardinals baseball fan and a gadget geek at heart.

He studied computer science with a scientific emphasis at University of Missouri - Columbia.  During his college years he lead a project for the student government to provide web hosting services for student organizations and provide a portal for student organization and activity information from 1994 to 1997.  At the end of his tenure of the project they were hosting 150+ organizations and had a project team of twenty people.

He was hired by SAP America in 1998 to be a technical consultant specializing in ABAP development.  During his consulting career in SAP, his first focus was HR ABAP.  He gradually shifted his focus to  e-commerce solutions starting with the SAP online store, which became the Internet Sales solution, which led to his first start into CRM. His first CRM project was back in 2001 doing an ISA e-commerce project.

In 2005 he joined Bunge North America, his present employer. In his first project he successfully implement a complaint tracking solution based on CRM 4.0 in a time period of one month.  At this time, he first joined SDN to lookup and get assistance on CRM technical topics. His most recent accomplishments were the upgrades to CRM 52 and then CRM 2007 last year, a groupware integration project with Lotus Notes and a re-launch of our CRM solution for sales force automation for one of our business units.

His involvement with SCN/SDN/BPX has increased over time.  The projects that were accomplished last year drove my need to be more active in SCN.   It provided an additional way for me to research questions and a sounding board on various issues.   In addition SCN has provided a way to permanently document technical knowledge, where it will always be easily accessible.

All of the new SAP Mentors have a really interesting and diverse background and I am really happy that they are strengthening our already powerful group of other SAP Mentor Initiative.

Please join us for a public Mentor Monday Webinar this Tuesday the 23th of June 8am PST where the new SAP Mentors will introduce themselves and will share some of their learnings.

Participant Passcode: 5795926235
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