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How to Drive Innovation Up and Costs Down!

Join us for our March 20 Webinar with the CalPortland Company CIO to learn how your mill products company - including metals, forest products, paper, packaging, building materials, furniture, and textile industries - can drive operational efficiency with SAP ERP

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Webinar: CalPortland Company Builds Strong ERP Foundation for Efficiency and Growth with SAP


Date:   Thursday, March 20, 2014

Time:  12:00 p.m. EST/9:00 a.m. PST

Featured Speakers:     Randy Kreibich        CIO, CalPortland Company

Many mill products companies have separate systems, manual processes, and information that is often not up to date. These challenges make it difficult to
drive efficiencies and create a business platform for innovation, which is crucial to creating and maintaining a competitive advantage.

A recent survey (see infographic) of SAP customers in mill products industries found that companies using best-in-class ERP strategies have:

  • 58% higher savings on direct material spend
  • 18% lower days in inventory
  • 50% lower HR cost per employee
  • 33% lower order cycle time

Hear how this leading mid-sized mill products company has thrived in the face of market-wide challenges, numerous acquisitions, and the drive for operational
excellence and profitable growth. Based in Glendora, CA, and operating in multiple locations from Arizona to Alaska, CalPortland sees its SAP
relationship as strategic to its current successes and critical to its future growth.