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Join our webinar: "A Step by Step Guide to a Faster Financial Close and Disclose Process" at 10.00am BST/11.00am CEST on Tuesday 24th June 2014.

76% of Finance Executives believe at least half their time should be on high-value planning and analytic activities, though only 55% achieve this.*

Financial Closing is an excellent example of a Finance process where Senior Finance Executives need to spend time on analysis to explain financial results but are challenged by manual tasks, new requirements, time, quality and compliance constraints.

How can you balance the time constraints with the analytical activities required? 

Technological innovations and dedicated applications can support you in this process.

Join this webinar as we explore how SAP is leveraging new technologies and solutions to address the challenges of the financial close and disclose process. You will learn about:-

  • the completeness of the SAP portfolio covering the entire closing process, from accounting through to disclose

  • the opportunities opened up by new technologies to simplify, optimize and develop a new way to structure and execute the closing process

  • and SAP’s strong focus to deliver against new business requirements by providing new solutions and business content

Please join us on Tuesday 24th June 2014, 10.00am BST/11.00am CEST.

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*Source: Research 2013

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