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In the Web Dynpro Tools it is possible to change the default logical system name settings provided during import of an Adaptive RFC model. Two logical system names exist, one for Metadata, one for Application data. If either of these need to be adapted without explicitly reimporting the model, then the following procedure must be taken. Please be aware, that the procedure differs, depending on whether you change the logical system name for Meta-data or for Application data.

Application Data

  1. Select and open an arbitrary Model Class within the Adaptive RFC Model of which wish to change the default logical system name.
  2. When selecting the "Porperties" Editor on the lower right hand part of the IDE, you will see 2 categories: "ModelClass Settings" and "Model Settings"
  3. In the category "Model Settings" (the lower part) you will find the property "modelInstance_defaultLogicalSystem". You can edit this value and replace it with the new logical system name. Here is a screenshot:


The Metadata connection is used to gather Dictionary information. Therefore, this value is not configured in the model, but in the Dictionary. In Adaptive RFC, each model automatically has a Dictionary carrying the same name as the model.

  1. You will find this dictionary under the Dictionary entry in the project hierarchy (same name as your Model). As soon as you select your model's Dictionary, you will see the property "Logical System Name"
  2. You can edit this value and replace it with the new logical system name. Here is a screenshot:


Additionally, in the project references of your project, you will find a list of system names used by models contained in this project.Whenever you reconfigure one of the above mentioned logical system names, it will automatically be added to the list of JCO references. This is the list of required JCO destinations, which you will see at runtime in the WD Content Admin. This list is NOT THE place to configure which names your models require. Changing/adding/deleting entries in this list will have no effect, unless you make the change directly in the model as described above.


  • Formerly used logical system names are NOT automatically removed from the list of JCO destinations when you change a logical system Name in the model.
  • You must determine, which JCO destinations are no longer being used by the models of your project and delete them on your own.
  • If you don't delete them, your application will not fail, but an administrator could be confused, because the WD Content Admin will display even these no longer used destinations.

Enjoy Web Dynpro,

Bertram Ganz, SAP AG