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With the Wave 2 in 2022 we released 2 important corrections in the SAP Enterprise Support reporting cockpit in SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

  1. The first correction was the changed display of the add-ons in the on-premise System Landscape section.
    Instead of display of the add-on in the same line as the system all add-ons are displayed now in a separate table.

    • So it is not required to click on each system line to find some critical add-ons, but you can simply sort all add-ons in the table based on the expiry date to display the most critical ones on top.

    • If you click on the add-on line you will see the system(s) where this add-on has been installed.

    • If you click on the add-ons name you will navigate to PPMS to see more information about the add-on details and expiry date.

    • If you want to see all add-on entries you can press on "See All" and navigate to the table where you can see all available add-ons.

    • By clicking on the system line in the system table the add-on table on the right will be adjusted accordingly to display only add-ons relevant for the selected system. If the system does not have any add-ons the corresponding message is displayed.

  2. Display of the Premium SLA contracts (PSLA).
    Until now in the cockpit you could only see the contracts signed on the installation level. Because of the new option to sign the SLA contracts on the system level we changed our logic and adjusted the contracts display to show both: contracts on installation level (including all the systems belonging to this installation) and contracts on system level.

    • Now you can see the installation based contracts with the default setting "Contracts By Technical Installation", where you can see the contracts with the related installation and the number of systems covered by this contract.

    • You also can now also select the Radio Button "By System" to see all systems with their installations and also with their contracts singed on the system level (not for the whole installation).

As everywhere in the cockpit you also can add additional fields to the table or remove fields by clicking on customizing wheel icon.

Stay informed please refer to the SAP Enterprise Support reporting portal ( and check