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Disney’s people not only visualize the magic, they create the magic. Euro Disney counts on 14,500 employees to do this every day at Disneyland Paris -- Europe’s top tourist spot. Because their cast members are essential to the experience of their guests, Disney wanted to establish a foundation for accurate HR data and position hierarchies to better support talent management. They wanted to better align talent management plans with the individual ambitions of their workforce. And because every position is important, they wanted to mitigate the operational risk associated with talent departures.

Using SAP Organizational Visualization and SAP Talent Visualization applications by Nakisa, Euro Disney reinforced their basis for HR plans and built a dedicated talent pool for ongoing success. The company decided first to enable interactive organizational navigation and reporting. They automated employee profile match-up and succession planning for a more objective successor nomination process. And they established clear talent profiles, with skills and aspiration data for the insight to better align development plans with succession plans.

Euro Disney has achieved significant results, automating 100% of their employee profiles for position match-up. The manual labor required to produce key organizational and talent reports has decreased by 60% and they’ve achieved a 50% increase in the number of ‘bench’ successors – employees identified and ready to take on key roles that align with company objectives and professional growth goals.

Take a look at how Euro Disney visualizes for success!