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Instead of using SAPDatabase you could also use SAPInstance to control the non-productive (and unreplicated) SAP HANA database.

Just replace the SAPDatabase resource like ...

primitive rsc_SAP_QAS_HDB10 ocf:heartbeat:SAPDatabase \

        params DBTYPE="HDB" SID="QAS" \

        MONITOR_SERVICES="hdbindexserver|hdbnameserver" \

        op start interval="0" timeout="600" \

        op monitor interval="120" timeout="700" \

        op stop interval="0" timeout="300" \

        meta priority="100"

... with a SAPInstance resource like ...

primitive rsc_SAP_QAS_HDB10 SAPInstance \

        params InstanceName=QAS_HDB10_s4s120-02 MONITOR_SERVICES=hdbnameserver START_PROFILE="/usr/sap/QAS/SYS/profile/QAS_HDB10_s4s120-02" \

        op start interval=0 timeout=600 \

        op monitor interval=120 timeout=700 \

        op stop interval=0 timeout=300 \

        meta priority=100

InstanceName must be equal to the profile name in /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/profile. Typical this name is in the following format:

<SID>_HDB<InstNr>_<node-name> or