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Simply put, the purpose of an RDS is to translate ideas into action and to do it quickly.  In our GRC RDS’s (Access Control, Process Control, GTS, and GTS for Trading in China) we do this by automating the configuration of a foundational solution using delivery accelerators and rich documentation.  The RDS is used to quickly provide a context to the user’s business problem and to present a platform on which the client can build and mature their solution to meet their specific business needs.  You
could say that our model for success is to start small and deliver incrementally – as opposed to promise big and to try to deliver in a BIG BANG.

We address almost all facets of an ENTERPRISE GRC implementation with rapid deployment solutions and/or engineered services in:

  • Access Control
  • Risk Management
  • Process Control, and
  • Global Trade Services

In each area, we are looking for opportunities to quickly demonstrate value as your organization moves along the maturity curve of Enterprise GRC to eventually achieve a truly integrated approach to Governance, Risk and Compliance.  You can use SAP rapid deployment solutions to help streamline and expedite this maturation process.

Let’s look at the SAP Rapid-Deployment Solution for Access Control first.  With SAP Rapid Deployment of Access Control you can:

  • Automate risk analysis, User provisioning, business role management and emergency access management
  • Reduce the cost…and risk…of compliance…and non-compliance
  • You’ll do this by integrating risk analysis and compliance activities using sap access control

By simplifying your initial deployment of AC (using the RDS), you can easily see how AC could become a cornerstone for your deployment of Risk Management and Process Control.  Obviously controlling and managing access is one of the most fundamental risks in any organization and your AC plan will need to dovetail with your RM plan.  Similarly, access control processes will need to be clearly managed and documented making SAP’s RDS for Process Control a likely second step.

SAP Process control provides customers with the ability to proactively manage their business process to improve:

  • Compliance,
  • Control, and
  • Consistent insight into complex business processes

When you deploy SAP Process Control along with SAP Risk Management and perhaps even SAP Fraud Management you can more quickly and easily expose business risks and then develop a method to proactively deal with these risks.  Using the SAP RDS for PC to deploy SAP Process Control, you 

  • Accelerate time to value,
  • Improve transparency to process definitions that may encourage more of a leading practice approach to process management.
  • If using partners with deep experience in defined business process,  you can also highlight their real value to produce continuous improvement by effectively taking the technology question off the table so that the experts can focus on business process improvement (of course using SAP Process Control!) and not system implementation!

It is a key combination of technology with business process that is efficiently highlighted with the deployment of the SAP RDS for Process Control.

In Global Trade Services, we have focused first on Sanctioned Party List Screening and Embargo checking.  SPL & Embargo tend to be the first GTS Functionality deployed by many customers (especially in North America) and their configuration can be relatively highly standardized and automated (remember:  Start Small and Deliver Incrementally).  Specifically you can:

  • Utilize “best-in-class” global trade compliance with a shorter ROI
  • Avoid supply chain disruptions with seamless integration of SAP ERP and GTS
  • Lower IT and manual costs with a centralized system

As mentioned, SPL and EMBARGO are often entry point solutions for GTS prospects.  You can therefore use this RDS to help to DRAMATICALLY accelerate your organizations adoption of SAP Global trade Services functionality  – AND – provide your organization with important incremental value NOW, while more comprehensive and complex GTS solutions are architected.