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Uses cases for industry cloud in chemicals


What is an Industry Cloud? Let’s start with a short definition: An Industry Cloud solution solves a specific business problem and comes with a clear value proposition. It is offered as a software service including the relevant integration and configuration content.

WHAT qualifies for an Industry Cloud Solution? In this blog I would like to take you through three examples of what Indsutry Cloud could look like.

  • Industry Cloud solution built by SAP

The firste example is with the automotive industry and the SAP Digital Vehicle Hub.  This is a stand-alone extension of the Intelligent Suite and Business Networks  and is built on or integrated via SAP Cloud Platform using APIs for open-integration. It usesIndustry Cloud Business Services and Business Technology Platform technologies and is built on data model, domains and end-to-end processes. •Additionally, it  includes configuration and integration content.

What does that mean for Chemicals? This kind of Industry Business Network can be also set-up out of the chemical perspective (e.g. Chemicals – Automotive, Chemicals – Aerospace & Defense, Chemicals – Consumer Products, etc.). Such kind of Industry Hub primarily would serve Product Management & Development on both sides to exchange Projects & Concepts, Specifications, Quality Requirements, Supply Chain Planning & Execution Data and Samples in a secure environment (Blockchain).

Goal: Provide an open Innovation Platform to enable the strategic move from a classical B2B model towards a B2B2C model in Chemicals, with an increasing focus on „segment of one” business models.


  • Industry Cloud solution built by Partner

Now for the second example using EC&O / by BearingPoint Similar to the first example this also involves extending SAP’s industry cloud portfolio.It is built by a partner, qualified / certified by SAP, and sold under one of the available commercial models such as SAP Solution Extension, SAP Endorsed App, Validated App or Spotlight App.


What does that mean for Chemicals? SAP augments the Chemicals solution portfolio with specialized SAP and Partner applications, like e.g. optimize operations using predictive manufacturing or resource & equipment Management, as well as managing the pricing strategy. The above-mentioned Partner App is a great example for a solution developed by a Partner for a different industry, but also applicable for Industrial Gases Companies and Plant Construction Firms.



  • SAP cloud solutions and solution extensions

Now we come to the third example: SAP Supply Base Optimization for Automotive.   This is a solution that fits under the commercial model and technical qualities of SAP’s industry cloud and is an  extension of a horizontal cloud solution to adapt to the specific needs of an industry.

What does that mean for Chemicals? SAP is extending its solution portfolio based on customer co-innovation principles continuously, examples for Chemicals are the areas of Integrated Business Planning, Asset Intelligence Network, Asset Strategy & Performance Management, Asset Manager, Logistics Business Network, Returnables Packaging Management, and others.


Hopefully this gave you a good idea and food for thought on how SAP’s industry cloud can be used across different industries. You can expect much more in the future as we evolve and expand. Follow me to stay updated on the latest chemicals innovations.