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With the first day of SAPPHIRE behind us, it's amazing to realize there is still so much to cover today. I've provided a link to a few examples below including a couple of interviews highlighting the conversations these experts are having with customers at SAPPHIRENOW.

Analytics Campus

  • Session 7415 - lance.holbert will be covering how to increase collaboration and accuracy with integrated business planning. - Day 1 report
  • Session 4346 - peter.creal will speak about speeding time to value for governance, risk and compliance projects
  • Session 4365 - markusschunter will show how to reap the rewards of a business intelligence ugrade

D&T Campus

  • Session 7087 - peter.spielvogel will share how to improve productivity through user interface personalization
  • Session 4962 - tom.kurtz and Pascal Pressol will help you find out what's next after buying SAP HANA - Day 1 report

Mobile Campus

  • Session 6294 - oliver.betz will continue to champion co-innovation with mobile solutions
  • Session 6974 - jeff.collier demos how to entice your customers and employees with innovative mobile experiences