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1. What are the Fiori applications available related to the ILM Archiving feature?

We have delivered 2 Fiori applications to help an Archiving Expert (or an equivalent role) to manage data volume by identifying high growth possibilities in database tables and also to monitor archiving jobs.

The Fiori applications which support these activities are as follows -

  • "Analyze Archiving Variants Distribution" Fiori application - This application helps the Archiving Expert to visualize the impact of the archiving runs on the database volume. It helps to identify ineffective variants used in the archiving runs and helps define better variants.
  • "Monitor Archiving Jobs" Fiori application - This application helps the Archiving Expert to monitor existing archiving runs. It also provides the added benefit of the possibility to take action, whenever required, by deleting, terminating or retriggering jobs in a seamless manner without having to go through the normal transactions.

2. What are the major features of the Fiori applications?

"Analyze Archiving Variants Distribution" Fiori application

  • Identify empty runs easily and share in SAP JAM
  • Identify variants which are ineffective and change the variants as required

"Monitor Archiving Jobs" Fiori application

  • Archiving jobs categorized by their status
  • Easy to identify jobs which require action
  • View logs (Job and Application) and send Log by mail
  • Reschedule or delete Archiving Jobs

3. How do the applications look like?

We have a speed demo which will allow you to click through the applications. It can be accessed using the link-

4. What are the technical pre-requisites to implement the Fiori applications?

The details about the applications (including the technical pre-requisites) are published in the help portal -

5. Where/how do I get more information about the Fiori applications?

We plan to receive feedback by allowing the end users to test the applications during various SAP events or by organizing individual workshops based on interest. If you are interested in participating in these tests or knowing more about the applications, please get in touch with

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