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Imagine you are a manufacturing company with a global distribution network. 24-hours a day, 7 days a week your products are transported around the world via airplanes, freight trains, commercial trucks, and ocean carriers – however, your transportation requirements are not managed in one system, but in several systems. Now envision all of the unnecessary head-aches that go along with globally managing transportation requirements in a fragmented system: high maintenance costs, slow & inefficient collaboration, lack of visibility, sluggish reporting, etc.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to manage all of your transportation requirements in one system, both planning and execution as well as domestic and international? Wouldn’t it be great if this one system could address these business challenges:

  • Reduce transportation expenses while improving customer satisfaction
  • Improve control of the carrier selection process
  • Ensure tendering results comply with  strategic or tactical company goals
  • Include visibility of customer requirements when making
    transportation decisions in complex transportation chains
  • Improve slow and inefficient collaboration with ocean carriers
  • Manage containers more efficiently

If you answered ‘YES that would be great’, then you are like most transportation managers.

In today’s business world transportation managers are being pulled in multiple directions: customer requirements are increasing, managing carriers is becoming more complex, supply chains are getting longer as more companies produce or source from multiple countries, and government regulations in those different countries change frequently. How can transportation managers manage all of these challenges while controlling costs and improving customer service levels?

Fortunately for transportation managers, SAP has a solution. SAP rapid-deployment solutions for Transportation Management enable managers to quickly manage their transportation resources. Currently, there are 3 rapid-deployment solutions available that will allow transportation managers to run better (in less than 10 weeks!).

  • SAP Transportation Management rapid-deployment solution for tendering
  • SAP Transportation Management rapid-deployment solution for planning
  • SAP Transportation Management rapid-deployment solution for ocean carrier booking

These rapid-deployment solutions are SAP’s answer to these the transportation industry’s requirements of speed, predictability, cost-effectiveness, and effective business practices. For example, look at the business benefits of each of these rapid-deployment solutions:

These rapid-deployment solutions empower managers to reduce costs by making the best use of their transportation resources. Be it your own equipment or the ones you subcontract from your carriers. You can achieve greater on-time performance.In times of ever increasing customer expectations, this is a competitive necessity. The work of your transportation department becomes more efficient, decisions can be made quicker and with more confidence to do it the right way. In the end all that will lead to a higher rate of customer satisfaction.

With over 80 different rapid-deployment packages and hundreds of installations globally, SAP rapid-deployment solutions are the new and preferred way to consume new technology quickly, affordably, and with less risk. SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions include preconfigured software, implementation services, content, and end user enablement - allowing transportations managers to address their pain points faster, with proven best practices.

Whether you transport your products via air, land, and/or sea; in rain or shine, snow or sleet - transportation managers now have the proper tools to effectively manage their transportation resources on the global stage.

For more information about SAP rapid-deployment solutions for Transportation Management, attend our Webcast at on September 19th 3:00 pm EST. Click here to register:

ASUG Webcast: How to Accelerate Implementations of Transportation Management with Rapid Deployment S...

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