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On the Business Innovation site, we deliver the top blogs, news and  featured content on business innovation for professionals looking to grow and  gain a competitive advantage. We cover hot topics and thought leadership onmobile applications, cloud computing, big data, real-time analytics and the top challenges facing  executives and leaders in sales & marketing, finance, human resources and much, much more.

Each week, we curate and publish the top 10 posts of the week on business  innovation from across our content categories. We hope you find these articles  valuable, informative, and interesting. Enjoy!

It Is Time For A Parental Control, No Texting While Driving Phone?

By Todd Wilms, @toddwilms

Did you know texting while driving causes 11 tean deaths a day? This article brings to attention some starttling facts, laws in place, and next steps for a parental control on texting.

The Biggest Competitor To The iPad In The Hot Education Market

By Eric Lai, @ericylai

If you always thought the iPad was only tablet for the job – you’d be surprised to learn that education is challenging the paradigm. Eric Lai brings to light details about the Kuno Tablet.

Does Cloud Create Jobs Or Destroy Them? Here’s What You Told Us

By Jacqueline Vanacek. @JacquelnVanacek

Jacqueline Vanacek took to Twitter, Facebook, and blogs to sort through all the shared opinions on cloud. As well as shares an infographic from SAP and Netbase on the cloud computing findings.

A Mobile World: Recruiting Strategies Must Adapt [Infographic]

By Will Staney, @willstanley

Is your company’s career site optimized for mobile? Will Stanley and his post’s powerful infographic validates why your company needs a mobile-friendly career site that is attractive to the on-the-go workforce.

What Is A Content Strategy And Why Do You Need It?

By Michael Brenner, @BrennerMichael

If you’re looking for a brief overview of a content strategy, why you need one, and how to be successful – this post will answer all your questions.

Seven Rules For Dashboard Success

By Simon To, @substring

It’s something every exec wants, but doesn't really know what it’s for and what it should be. Simon To shares the should’s and should not’s for dashboarding.

14 Lessons HR Pros Can Learn From Fantasy Football

By Daniel Newman, @DanielNewmanUV

I never thought there would be a correlation between Fantasy Football and anything productive, but people always surprise you. Daniel sets up the connections between FF and how HR Professionals choose their talent.

Better Social Media Engagement Tops Marketers’ Wish List

By Steve Olenski, @steveolenski

Steve Olenski gets the holiday fever early as he discusses the number one thing marketers have on their wish list this year. Check out what 78% of marketings, according to an Awareness survey, selected as their top priority.

Big Data May Ensure Sustainable Sushi

By Irfan Khan

Big data isn’t just for companies, it’s helping the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administrating and their ”species of concern” model data sets on breeding habits and migration patterns. Things that may be able to eventually save certain species, like the blue fin tuna, from becoming extinct.

Success In The Business Intelligence Game

By Jamie Oswald, @oswaldxxl

Before you can determine if your Business Intelligence project was successful, you should have a clear baseline on what business intelligence success should look like. Jamie’s post clearly defines what success is, and what it isn’t, as well as what it should look like when it’s done.

This post originally appeared on Business Innovations from SAP and was republished with permission.