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Here on the Business Innovation site, we deliver the top blogs, news and featured content on business innovation for professionals looking to grow and gain a competitive advantage. We cover hot topics and thought leadership on mobile applications, cloud computing, big data, real-time analytics and the top challenges facing executives and leaders in sales & marketing, finance, human resources and much, much more.

Each week, we curate and publish the top 10 posts of the week on business innovation from across our content categories. We hope you find these articles valuable, informative, and interesting. Enjoy!

What IT Professionals Think About Big Data [Survey]

By Michael Brenner, @BrennerMichael

In case you haven’t already heard from us, big data is big news. Michael Brenner looks at the results from the 2012 Big Data Survey and writes on some key findings.

BI Meet Big Data, I Think You’re Going To Be Friends

By Lindsey Nelson, @LindseyNNelson

Each minute, there are 1,500 blogs, 98,000 tweets, and 168 million emails sent. Don’t be intimidated though, all this data presents a huge opportunity to businesses. Your’s truly reflects how!

Collaboration Using the Cloud

By Jen Cohen, @jenz036

The cloud can foster effective collaboration for employee teams and bridge the gap between on and off-site workers. Jen presents some of the most useful capabilities of collaborating with the cloud.

4 Things A Dinosaur Taught Me About Mobile Apps

By Milja Gillespie, @miljagillespie

The future of mobile is limitless, even when it’s focused on the past. And after an educational, but fun, trip to the Royal Ontario Museum, Milja reflects on some observations on mobile user experiences.

New York’s Policing Strategy Highlights Big Data Problems

By Ina Felsheim, @InaSAP

Think “Minorty Report”, where Tom Cruise’s department of crime arrests people before they even commit their crime. NYC is now one of the next cities who is at least trying to repeat this process, but they better make sure they factor in these key requirements.

Can Virtualization and Consolidation Efforts Really Deliver?

By Lindsey Nelson

If you’re looking to downsize your systems onto a few servers, make sure you check out these four tips for making the move.

Lookout: 8 Signs of Dysfunctional Management

By Daniel Newman, @danielnewmanuv

There may be no faster death of a great idea or business than a dysfunctional management team. But do you know the signs to watch for?

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes – Are You Ready For The Screenagers?

By Jamie Anderson

Jamie reflects on the ch-ch-ch-changes of the generations through the observations of his kids, or as he notes his soon to be “screenagers”.

CIOs & CEOs Not On the Same Page When It Comes To Tech Investment

By Dror Orbach, @drororbach

Would you be surprised if you knew that most C-level executives are struggling with the in’s out out’s of where and how to go about investing in new technology to grow and change their business?

3 Ways High-Performance Computing Has Evolved Because Of The Cloud


High performance computing is one of those areas that people are skeptical of when it comes to migrating services to the cloud. This post looks at the 3 ways cloud is evolving in the high performance area.