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On the Business Innovation site, we deliver the top blogs, news and  featured content on business innovation for professionals looking to grow and  gain a competitive advantage. We cover hot topics and thought leadership onmobile applications, cloud computing, big data, real-time analytics and the top challenges facing  executives and leaders in sales & marketing, finance, human resources and much, much more.

Each week, we curate and publish the top 10 posts of the week on business  innovation from across our content categories. We hope you find these articles  valuable, informative, and interesting. Enjoy

NFL Big Data Blitz: Don’t Punt; Go For It!

By Irfan  Khan

American Football, although confusing with its complexity, provides great  opportunities for statistic generation. And if you disagreed with your  team’s coach decision to punt on the fourth down yesterday - there’s data  that backs up your choice.

Ingredients For A Hybrid Cloud

By Lindsey Nelson, @LindseyNNelson

Typically, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, however, with a hybrid  cloud you just might be able too. You get both strategic benefits of a private  and public cloud that meets the needs of your organization.

Gartner Dead Wrong About Big Data Hype Cycle

By Irfan  Khan

Although Gartner says big data’s big hype is at its peak, Irfan doesn’t quite  agree. Big data, in his opinion, is totally underinflated especially for  business, science, government and education.

Rethinking Analytics For The Enterprise

By Richard Barrett

The social enterprise, one where all team members participate in collecting  and acting upon information exemplifies the best run  businesses. Richard Barrett suggests 6 steps for enterprises to achieve  this collaborative set up.

Real-Time Is The Wrong Reason For Your Enterprise To Go  Mobile

By Eric Lai, @ericylai

I never knew you could compare mobile and big data to an American  all-you-can-eat buffet, but Eric Lai pulls it off. Learn how Big Data and Mobile  should be brought together to drive right time experiences, instead of  crude ones.

Driving Down the Cost of Analytics

By Thierry  Audas

Analytics give insights to the broader business audience. In fact, recent  research has shown analytics to give an ROI of $10 to every $1 spent. Theirry  Audas presents a few ways to drive down the analytics cost to increase that ROI  even more.

Picking The Right Backup Strategy For Your  Business

By Michael Brenner, @BrennerMichael

Technology providers are now offering powerful cost-effective backup  solutions. Michael Brenner helps bring to light some different solutions that  your business might benefit from.

How Quickly Can Enterprises Deploy iPhone 5 And iOS  6?

By Eric Lai

Your employees demand as much from their personal mobile upgrades as they do  from their business. Make sure your company is a front runner in the race to  deploy the latest and greatest.

Big Data Grows Up

By Lindsey Nelson author Alistair Croll shared his best bet on where big data will  make the biggest impact. I may not have captured it as humoursly as him, but  check out the top three places it will transform.

Why Finance Should Free Itself And Embrace The  Cloud

By Richard Barrett

Security, data ownership, and a luck of customization.  Richard Barrett addresses your finance team’s three biggest concerns against  moving to cloud based solutions and where he would start the implementation.