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There’s a better way to look at things, and this week’s Top 5 blog post on SAP Business Trends could change your perspective on Millennials, corporate innovation, sports analytics and the future.

Bucking negative stereotypes, Millennials can be some of the most positive and enthusiastic people you’ll work with.

No. 1: Plea from a Gen X’er: Can We Please Stop with the “Millennials are Lazy and Entitled” Memes?

A prevailing stigma about workers from the Millennial generation is that they are spoiled and apathetic. Generation X’s carolyn.brock wants to put to rest this tired stereotype.

No. 2: A Time for Founders

SAP’s new Hasso Plattner Founders’ Award celebrates the courage that five engineers displayed when creating SAP more than 40 years ago. bill.mcdermott sees that bold sprit as a crucial part of growing the company -- and it’s why SAP will honor future innovators alongside its founders.

No. 3: The NFL Draft Review and the Future of Sports

Despite a staggering amount of time and energy spent scouting thousands of players, American football experts still don’t know it all, nor could they. ryan.somers looks at what breakthroughs in analytics can do for the sport -- and what it can’t.

No. 4: SAP M-Prize Challenge: Finalists Aim to Turn Big Data into Business Gold

Finalists for the Unlimited Human Potential Challenge are trying to answer forward-looking questions about innovation. susan.galer3 examines four submissions focused on using the big data technology to address innovation challenges and unleash human potential.

No. 5: #SAPRadio What You Missed on 20/20 Leadership: Leading in the New World

Organizations have a better view than ever of their employees, thanks to predictive analytics -- but old leadership models still need an overhaul. mike.montalban explores what HR must do to find the most talented applicants, draw them in and lead them to the right roles.

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