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Whether you’re managing spaceships, marketing campaigns or sustainability initiatives, SAP probably has a solution for you -- and this week’s Top 5 blog posts on SAP Business Trends will tell you about them.

Reconciling sustainability objectives with business growth realities has been a major challenge for companies.

No. 1: Can Companies Balance Sustainability and Growth?

Big data, mobile and cloud technologies have helped generate sustainable businesses in every industry. susan.galer3 responsibly sources information about how SAP is making sustainable innovation both relevant and economical.

No. 2: My Thoughts on Adobe and SAP Teaming Up to Deliver Insight-Driven Marketing and Commerce

Marketers who find the right insights and trends in big data can better anticipate their customers’ needs and optimize their experiences. jonathan.becher sizes up the SAP/hybris and Adobe partnership, which will help marketers measure, personalize and optimize campaigns to improve the digital experiences for target audiences.

No. 3: ULA Readies 80th Mission to Space

A 19-story rocket is set to use more than 2 million pounds of thrust to blast off into space on April 10, and it will do so running SAP. david.trites counts down the ways SAP helps space travel run smoothly, enabling government security agencies to keep people safe on Earth.

No. 4: Workforce of the Future:  Millennials’ Attitudes on Leadership Spark Greater Opportunities for Women

From Baby Boomers to Gen Xers to Millennials, people have varying opinions of women in leadership roles. debcurtis-magley closes the generation gap by explaining how women of different ages perceive when they are ready to grasp leadership positions, as well as the kind of help they will need to reach to them.

No. 5: Former World Cup Host Turns Techie

Imports and exports generate most of South Africa’s revenue. christine.donato inspects freight logistics company Transnet, which handles more than 188 million tons of cargo a year, transports all of South Africa’s petroleum products, and manages about 80 percent of Africa’s total railways -- all with the help of SAP solutions.

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