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This week’s Top 5 blog posts from SAP Business Trends has something for just about everyone. There’s a walk in the cloud (computing), a hike through sustainability, a HANA shopping spree and more.

Far from being just another deployment option for software applications, cloud can fundamentally change how companies and entire industries operate.

No. 1: Behind the Cloud Computing Explosion – 35 Million Ways to Accelerate Innovation

Cloud computing has already gone mainstream, but not every company knows how to get the most business value from it. susan.galer3 gazes upward to see how cloud technology can change the way customers make purchases -- and entire industries operate.

No. 2: Ariba LIVE 2014: Sustainability Assessment through Business Networks

Sustainability is a growing part of many organizations’ procurement strategies. From Ariba LIVE 2014 in Las Vegas, thomas.odenwald takes on the challenge of more accurately quantifying and communicating the sustainability of raw materials and other goods.

No. 3: What is the SAP HANA Marketplace?

The new SAP HANA Marketplace is the in-memory platform’s self-service store -- and it is essential for transforming SAP into a cloud company. layla.sabourian browses the site’s new subscription pricing options, easy buying experience and fast deployment.

No. 4: What is BYOx and Why is it so Important?

Bring your own device (BYOD) was revolutionary a few years ago, but it was just a first step on the ladder toward bring your own anything (BYOx). william.clark walks us through the evolution, which includes BYOT, BYOA, BOYL and more.

No. 5: It’s Not Them, It’s Us: How to Attract Millennials to SAP

University students from the Class of 2014 are preparing to graduate university, and many of them want to work for high-tech firms. sarah.harvey shares how to get these Millennials interested in working for SAP.

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