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Finding the best way forward is what this week’s Top 5 blog posts on SAP Business Trends is all about, whether you seek the best path toward a groundbreaking innovation, a more dynamic workforce or just a better route to the office.

Building trust -- even in the midst of failure -- can help people cultivate the mindset they need to innovate and succeed.

No. 1: The Future of Business: Embracing the Puke-to-Excitement Ratio

Disruptive innovation creates myriad possibilities. christina.ramlet examines the psychology of entrepreneurs and what they can achieve by shaking up the status quo, offering three insightful takeaways.

No. 2: Sleek. Savvy.  Simple. The Future of the “Connected Car”

The dream of cars pointing their drivers to an open parking spot and notifying them of nearby sales isn’t far off. christine.donato gazes into this future through the lens of SAP’s collaboration with BMW Group Research and Technology, which is driving toward an innovative research prototype based on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

No. 3: How Companies Can Crack the Code to Employee Satisfaction

You can’t keep your customers happy if your customer-facing employees aren’t happy. susan.galer3 shares why making employees more productive and happy should be the priority of HR professionals in 2014 -- and how organizations can achieve it.

No. 4: From Cave Paintings to Dashboards - A History of Data Visualization

Data visualization’s moment is now. jason.grosse2 shows how visual data discovery and dashboarding help routine business users realize the full power of their data.

No. 5: SAP Offers a Full View of Customers from the Cloud at CeBIT 2014 [Video]

SAP had a lot to show off at the international computer expo CeBIT 2014 last week. derek.klobucher walks through the cloud solutions that offer a 360-degree view of customers, as well as a CEO-led demonstration for the German chancellor and British prime minister.

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