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Getting connected is the tie that binds the Top 5 blogs posts from SAP Business Trends this week. Your company’s frontline machines can connect to your workers mobile devices, your employees can connect with each other -- as well as experts -- and your car can connect to just about everything else.

SAP’s Connected Retail capabilities let drivers tap into real-time vending machine data via their mobile devices so they know precisely what to restock before they hit the road.

No. 1: SAP Gets the Munchies at Mobile World Congress 2014

A sold-out vending machine can be a personal tragedy for the consumer -- and a revenue calamity for its owner. tim.clark takes a look and he sees a world of vending machines sensors that enhance efficiency by providing real-time data on stock, product mix, maintenance and more.

No. 2: What’s Next for SAP at the Mobile World Congress

“What’s next?” was the big question last week at the Mobile World Congress. rick.costanzo phones home from Barcelona with the scoop on where enterprise customers want to invest, especially mobile platforms that can seamlessly support all of their organizations’ business requirements.

No. 3: Millennials are Big Winners of SAP Connected Car Contest 2013

Drivers of connected cars demand a lot from their vehicles, including Internet-enabled navigation and safety alerts. susan.galer3 goes riding on a freeway of HOV with the leaders of teams that competed in SAP’s Connected Car Contest 2013, finding out why they’re revved up about their offerings.

No. 4: Accounts Payable as a Compliance Catalyst? How Business Networks Enable Strategic Synergies Across t...

Many organizations treat accounts payable as just another necessary cost center, or even as a burden. debcurtis-magley adds up how AP serves as a compliance engine within networked organizations, where it plays a greater strategic role.

No. 5: What the Top Procurement and Finance Pros Are Doing

Procurement and finance workers are under mounting cost, efficiency and cash flow pressures. timothy.minahan explains why so many of these professionals will attend will benefit from attending Ariba LIVE in Las Vegas this month.

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