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This week’s Top 5 blog posts on SAP Business Trends showcases how technology is helping get renewable energy to market, bring healthcare to rural communities, and educate people across different types of borders.

“With SAP ... we can offer more benefits to the farm, the factory and the families,” RSSC said.

No. 1: Trade, Aid & Suite Success (on HANA) for the People of Royal Swaziland

The Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation wanted to revamp and simplify its IT landscape by cutting costs and eliminating disparate systems. ryan.somers taste-tests RSSC’s sweet deal with SAP, which could reduce the planning process from weeks to hours -- and save more than $100,000 per day.

No. 2: How Technology is Transforming Rural Health in India

Millions of children in rural India live without access to regular or reliable healthcare. sarah.harvey examines a digital, mobile and in-memory evolution that could bring healthcare to more than 270 million Indian children, eliminating the need for paper records and hospital follow-ups easier.

No. 3: Share Economy Comes to Education: Notes from the MOOCs Experiment

Massive Open Online Courses are revolutionizing academic and corporate education. susan.galer3 opens class on how these organizations share curricula, combine efforts and foster agile, lifelong learning.

No. 4: VIVA Las Vegas! VIVA SAP Insider 2014!

This month’s sales and marketing event SAP Insider 2014 tried to show employees how to “engage customers like never before.” shalini.mitha2 takes us inside the use of SAP cloud technology to sell like the best and engage to win.

No. 5: Tune in to #SAPRadio April 8th - Social Recruiting: Art or Science?

Millions of job candidates eagerly post their credentials on social media, leaving human resources managers to figure out how best to fill their business-critical job postings. mike.montalban steers us to the debate of whether social recruiting top talent is an art or a science.

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