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Cutting the clutter is the big theme for this week’s Top 5 blog posts on SAP Business Trends. Get your spring cleaning underway with a clear-sky view of unmanned aerial vehicles, dust the cobwebs out of your mind with some critical thinking and efficiently learn something new with an online course.

How long before drones start dropping parcels for Amazon and UPS?

No. 1: Game of Drones: Why should Amazon have all the fun?

Drones, a.k.a. UAVs, are well known for military airstrikes and surveillance, as well as hauling food, fuel, medical supplies and most recently household deliveries. michael.mischker flies through the hype to land on what’s reality.

No. 2: Single-Click Consultants Need Not Apply

Critical thinking is necessary in higher education, business and especially leadership. But kaan.turnali saw a different type of cognitive process prevail during his consulting days, so he analyses and evaluates the issue in order to form a solution that is free of flawed thinking.

No. 3: To MOOC or not to MOOC, that is the question!

Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, have been an instructional tool for years, teaching millions of people around the world. peter.graf studies why people participate in SAP’s MOOCs -- and why the company invests in these free courses.

No. 4: The Corrupt Block Revolution

A 2008 revolution in SAP support spawned a team that could save customers millions of dollars if their SAP system stopped working. stephen.dick discusses lessons learned, such as humility and how to pick your team, as well as the Ideas Spider Web.

No. 5: Cloud and Real-Time Marketing to Reduce the Jet Lag Blues

Your travel lamentations about bad restaurants and lackluster attractions are no longer falling on deaf ears. ryan.somers is your concierge for @HiltonSuggests, a real-time marketing campaign aimed at brightening people’s day with some local advice.

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