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As craig.cmehil already announced earlier: This year, the only way for you to get on the DemoJam stage is by winning the InnoJam. You should register now (Las Vegas / Barcelona) to ensure you'll get a seat and the chance to become instantly famous within the SAP community!

Saved a seat already? Great! Now, let's focus on increasing your chances to get nominated to get on stage at the DemoJam!

1) Joining the InnoJam JAM Group

You'll received an invitation to a private JAM group. Join and activate notifications. We'll publish information nuggets about the themes and technologies building up to the event. Don't let the others be better prepared and stay up-to-date! You can also find a team or new potential team members in the JAM group...

2) Building up your team before InnoJam

Time is limited! If you can find team members before the event, there is no need for you to do team building or "get to know" sessions. You can jump-start into development. Therefore, suggestion #2: Find a team and have a briefing right before InnoJam to ensure the following: you know the team members (and how they look like), you know the background and experiences of each member, you understand the theme...

3) Understanding the theme

Be prepared for exciting challenges this year. In Las Vegas, you'll solve issues in the "Medical & Healthcare" field. Barcelona teams will be focusing on the "Energy & Utilities" field.. Sounds quite broad? It is - on purpose! This year, you won't know you challenges upfront. You'll get them assigned during the kickoff of InnoJam! Everyone will start greenfield. Keep in mind, we will publish information nuggets about the theme in the JAM group, building up to the event. Make sure to check it out regularly. The other thing you can do to improve your chances: know how to master the technology to solve your challenge...

4) Learning the technologies

Tech portfolio this year: HANA, HANA Cloud Platform and UI5! You have to use at least one of them to qualify for the DemoJam nominations. We have "getting started" guides, introduction videos and much more prepared for you. Here's an example:

Our tech experts already joined the JAM group (that you should have joined by now as well). Ask your questions and get answers before the event, so you don't waste time with that Data-Model you're trying to access within your UI5 page..

5) Organizing your trip

What makes your jump-start most efficient? Planning your trip accordingly to ensure enough time to get comfortable in Las Vegas or Barcelona! Dates, agenda, and location are provided .. take a guess .. in the JAM group!

There it is: 5 steps to help you to be ahead of the competition and to increase your chances of becoming instantly famous on DemoJam stage! Let me know if you have questions.

See you in Las Vegas and/or Barcelona!