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Creating a roadmap to implement your industry specific solutions can take you on a daunting and overwhelming journey.  The Industry experts at SAP Services can help you pave the  way with a comprehensive set of services designed specifically for your industry.  Take advantage of our proven industry specific knowledge, best practices and processes.     Below are some great sessions at SAPPHIRE NOW, led by SAP industry experts and fellow peers in your industry, on customer case studies, implementation insights and industry specific co innovations. 

Change the Game in your Industry Using Big Data

This discussion details the top 10 ways organizations are using Big Data projects to inspire innovation and make improvements to their businesses

Improve Retail Operations with Real Time Intelligence

This discussion showcases how retailers can process their stock, sales orders, receipts, and inventory faster than ever. Reduce inventory cost and make the most of every sales opportunity. Find out how Under Armour Inc. used the SAP HANA platform to improve sales-order allocation and rescheduling and run more efficiently.

Move to a Digital Enterprise and See How Innovation Enables Transformation

Adopt cutting-edge business models, create compelling customer experiences, and blaze new pathways for growth. See how technology shapes corporate strategy and hear how customers transform their businesses. Come away with an understanding of the impact IT can have in securing your company’s future.

SAP Services for Industry Solutions

Surpass your business expectations by taking advantage of design thinking, custom development, and a full range of expertise. Use innovative delivery methods such as rapid-deployment solutions to get up and running faster than ever before with help from the SAP Services organization. Let us show you how SAP Services can help you unlock the power of SAP industry solutions today.

Segment Millions of Customers’ Records Across Markets in Seconds

This discussion explains the kind of impact real-time intelligence can have on campaign effectiveness. Learn how eyewear giant Luxottica Group S.p.A. segmented millions of customer records across all of its markets with the SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence solution.

Be sure to take time to visit the expert table/Launch Pad within the Industry campus at SAPPHIRE NOW to learn how SAP Services for Industry Solutions can:

  • provide and deliver services aligned to the key business drivers within your industry
  • develop co innovation with our customers unique needs
  • implement new strategic trends with an industry specific approach
  • address specific customer issues in several industries with an In a Box approach

Coming Up:   Prebuilt industry solutions for your specific needs

Check out the 5 Big Data Use Cases for Banking and Financial Services.

Learn how SAP Services can help you define the right strategy to support your business goals: