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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Social media has become part and parcel of our daily lives. For professional growth, we use social media to showcase our competencies. We also highlight our interest areas and get visibility as a knowledge expert. We can harness the power of social media to become

  • More knowledgeable

  • Share our knowledge with social media followers.

  • Attract more followers and work towards becoming an influencers/ knowledge expert.

This activity requires some time investment daily. It will need us to read a lot, write/blog/vlog a lot, tweet a lot and share a lot. It’s an effort. There is some automation available to help us ease out this process. It automates the task of redundant manual activities. In this blog, I highlight some of the automation:

Use of Automation to become knowledgeable.

These are some of the automation tips - there can be more:

  • Use of IFTT Automation: Stores key term searches in a google excel sheet. It helps in building your weekly knowledge store. You can refer to this knowledge store once every week based on your schedule and write a blog or schedule a tweet.

  • Use of RSS Feed Readers ( Feedly): There is automation available to store news in google sheet. Use automation platforms like Zapier, IFTT, Microsoft Flow.

Share our knowledge with social media followers.

As this task is manual, there are a lot of automation techniques available here. Some of the automation apps listed are: (there can be more)

  • Scheduling APPs- Enables single click action. The user to direct share/ schedule the content across most of the platform. (Buffer Chrome)(Crowdfire Chrome)

  • You can reshare the content from your knowledge using automation tools. For example, you like a tweet and want to post it to your blog - you can do this using IFTT automation.

  • You can create an RSS feed of all your weekly shared content and prepare an automated newsletter. (Twitter Feed > Google Sheet > Create RSS > RSS based NL using Mailchimp).

A bit of research in automation platforms can help us in finding the exact apps for our need.

Attract more followers and work towards becoming an influencers/ knowledge expert.

Here comes the most tricky part. Generally, if we do the first two things, this would fall in place. Still, some automation is available to help us in this regard. 

We need to be little careful while using the Mass twitter follower automation apps and use them with care. Please ensure the quality of followers and follow backs. There are some apps to identify the bot followers in your social media - Twitter Audit is one of them. 

I would love to learn more about how you use automation to manage your social media. Please put in your comments and suggestions in the comments section below.

The blog was originally published here.