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Are you looking for opportunities to leverage existing technology investments? Why not take a look at the advantages of integrating your Workforce Management (WFM) or Workforce Optimization (WFO) software with SAP CRM.


The accuracy of inputs to WFM/WFO software is critical in recognizing the true effectiveness and further advantages of these applications. Traditional data sources include communication management software and HR systems. However, since CRM serves as a key technology within organizations, why not take advantage of the information to provide an even higher level of service for your customers.


Having a well staffed interaction center with qualified agents to accommodate the various needs of each interaction is critical to providing superior customer service. This is not only considerate to meeting service level goals, but also in:

  • achieving high marks for first call resolution
  • maintaining customer loyalty
  • obtaining new customers
  • and in many cases selling more products and/or services (not to mention keeping agents happy).

SAP CRM Interaction Center maintains the level of transaction details that will improve accuracy of forecasting within WFM to ensure you interaction centers are staffed to provide the best levels of customer service across the board. Additionally, the transaction details from CRM IC will provide the necessary input for WFO to better identify gaps in your staffing and focus hiring and training efforts to help achieve your objectives.


Transaction detail is not the only data that will add value to your WFM/WFO application – other CRM integration points to consider include:

  • agent related master and skills data
  • agent state information
  • and marketing and campaign information

These serve as primary sources ensuring completeness and accuracy in the inputs necessary for truly effective results from WFM/WFO systems.


We at SAP, released an insight paper on this topic: Enhancing Interaction Center ROI in Turbulent Times. Its worth taking a look to explore how you can increase the value of your investment, particularly with the challenges of today’s economy. Please keep a lookout  for detailed blogs on this topic.