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Critical Business Information Goes Out, Then What?


Your customers (and ours) face the increasing challenge of getting critical information out to their workforce on a timely basis. This process has become more complicated as the workforce grows more disperse—working at any number of locations on a number of different devices.

So, once customers have ticked that “Information sent” box, how do they know their workforce actually comprehended the message? Simply pushing information out is no longer enough. Organizations need to know that employees have received and understood it in order to be compliant with current business processes, reduce risk in the workplace, and increase their confidence in overall business operations.

Today’s faster pace of business, larger volumes of information, and the need to ensure employee receipt and comprehension of
information have created the need for time- critical, centralized, automated communications.
We’re helping to simplify that process with SAP Communication Center by ANCILE. This solution not only gets the right information to the right people at the right time, it helps ensure the information was understood through a knowledge check.

SAP Communication Center by ANCILE enables organizations to deliver small chunks of information for updates and “microlearning", thereby reducing the complexity and amount of information that employees receive. By making messages more relevant to recipients (including letting them choose when, where, and how quickly to consume the information), they become more likely to read and absorb them.

Your customers can create separate channels for broadcasting messages to specific organizational groups—like sales teams, new employees, members of your finance department, or employees at a specific location. In addition, they can create campaigns for the automatic delivery of a series of messages in a specific order, with predetermined start and due dates.

Let your customers know that they can ensure their messages are heard and understood with validated communications software from SAP. Find out more about SAP Communication Center by ANCILE here.