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Wow - what a week.  Our social media campaign for SAPPHIRE NOW started on Monday, our social ambassadors for the event have been finalized (more on that next week) and this is my first blog post on SCN!  I normally blog about my life in Norway so this is a little new!

My name is Sarah Goodall and I love social networking.  Lucky for me, my passion is also my job.  I work for SAP and look after social media for EMEA and when big events like SAPPHIRE NOW hit my region, I'm accountable for the social media program around that too.

What makes life even more exciting at the moment is that SAPPHIRE NOW was recently announced as the most Innovative Event of the Year by BizBash recognizing the "hybrid approach" that paves the way for events and conferences going forward.  SAPPHIRE NOW combines the physical, virtual and social platforms that enable experiences to be viewed, consumed and shared in such a way that no other event (includingTEDConferences) can match today.

Whilst the physical event provides an opportunity to face-to-face networking and the virtual event provides remote audiences to view the event, social media provides the beating heartbeat - the real time buzz that never shuts down.  It's my job to connect people, share the live experience to our online audiences and listen to the conversations that are taking place.

Over the coming weeks I intend to give you a sneak peek into what drives the social campaign around the event recognized by BizBash as being innovative. But in true social style, I'd be interested in your feedback - what's your experience of social media at events?