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"The rule of 5", what is this? And how can it help us with content marketng?!

Content Marketing is one of the new big buzz words in marketing. But what are people doing and how can we make the most of the opportunities that are out there.

In my role, I come across a lot of challenges when it comes to Digital Marketing. "I don't know how", "its not my role" "I don't understand" to name a few. But as marketing budgets get squeezed, and more and more reporting comes back to show us the benefits of search on the buying cycle of our customers and prospects, it's something we all need to become better acquainted with, if our skills aren't going to become obselete.

So what is "The rule of 5"?

In a company like SAP, we create ALOT of content. But in a lot of cases, we create it in one format. One way. A whitepaper, or a technical sheet. And thats all. We need to be thinking wider. On Google, you can search under format as well as names. So we need to be aware not only of the "content of our content", but the format we have our content in.

SAP has multiple social channels, From Facebook to Youtube, to Linkedin, to Google+ and more, as well as our .com sites. Each of these areas can be looked at in different ways, and needs different content, so when we are creating content or sharing it through these channels, we need to make sure we use  it correctly. Whitepapers don't work the same way on all channels. So "The rule of 5" is something that we can use to make sure we cover more than one place, and get more than one bite of the cherry for our content.

Every piece of content you create…. Make into 5 different formats


  For every brochure

  1. Create a PPT of it for Slideshare
  2. Audio webinar version for Youtube or
  3. Short Exec summary of the key results –
  4. Podcast – Youtube/Google+
  5. Technical paper – Any format
  6. Whitepaper – Any format
  7. Use it as a topic to speak to customers and get around a roundtable

Create multiple versions of the same content. In some cases this is cost restricted. But creating a PPT for Slideshare, or a short Exec summary from any content shouldn't take long. We can then repurpose this on other channels.

We recently had some training in our EMEA team around what we can do to expand our skills. These play into the content marketing role. So, to take Mark's presentation, please think about "The rule of 5" and these areas to expand your knowledge.

  1. Content Marketing - Understand what it is and how you can use it
  2. Make use of the Paid, Earned and Owned channels that the company has
  3. Use the full plethora of social channels where you can. There is so much we can utilise. Understand what your company has and how you can use
  4. Social Business - Learn about it, there is lots of training out there. It's what is happening NOW!
  5. Get an understanding of SEO and what this could mean for your content. Start to apply it

All of these areas will help us expand our reach, expand the message of SAP and grow our business!

Happy learning!