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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
If there’s one thing the last few years has taught us all, it’s that change is our new constant. To deal with today’s volatile environment, businesses are transforming to be able to adapt quickly to the circumstances.

The why and the what of digital transformation are clear to everyone. But simply performing a technical migration to the cloud, or implementing new cloud software, will not lead to true business transformation. It’s much more complex than that.

A big piece of this puzzle is the people side to the transformation. Cloud technology requires a mindset shift, new skills, and continuous learning with regular innovation cycles. This means the way a Customer Center of Expertise (Customer COE) operates needs to change to stay effective and relevant for the business.

But what new skills do COEs need to know versus already know? How will they learn and consume this knowledge to keep up to date? Who will manage the changes that come with cloud technology? And how will COEs support the business with continuous learning?

A continuous and regular alignment between lines of business and the IT organization is crucial to operate, orchestrate, and run SAP landscapes in an effective and efficient way. Hence, the respective roles and responsibilities need to be considered from the very beginning.

These are just some of the topics and questions we, here at SAP, want to understand. That’s why SAP is running a survey – to analyze SAP COE skills and digital change. We want to understand how COEs will evolve.

If you’re interested in this thought too, and would like to share some insights anonymously, please click here to complete the survey.

The survey takes approximately 7mins to complete and is open until beginning of September. We will share an early preview of the results with participants once analyzed. We will also host an exclusive webinar for the Customer COE survey participants, where our experts will take a closer look at what the findings mean.

We look forward to understanding the future of the Customer COE in the cloud era.

Link to the Survey:


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