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The One Thing That’s Probably Missing From Your Digital Transformation Journey

“Digital transformation” is one of those concepts that induces either anxiety or excitement among executives. Nevertheless, it’s increasingly gaining attention. For businesses that realize what opportunities lie ahead, the notion of digital transformation is quickly becoming a CEO priority.

The trick is knowing how to reimagine the business quickly without disrupting the entire enterprise. Mark Oakey, senior vice president, Global Services Sales Go to Market at SAP, observes, “A lot of companies are looking to move to a digital enterprise. But it takes time to get there, and there are certain steps they have to take.“

So how do companies make the shift to the digital business? By using the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service as a bridge so they can standardize their processes and draw out an innovation platform they can use.

Stripping away complexity to clear a way in the cloud to digital transformation

But first, businesses must address one of its biggest challenges: complexity. Every year, companies lose roughly 10% of their profits. Meanwhile, employee morale takes a dive and operations run at suboptimal levels. According to Christoph Hermann, head of Managed Cloud Delivery at SAP, the goal is to “inject innovation and move out the complexity businesses experience when running their own applications.“

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud allows companies to achieve value very quickly through greater simplification. Gone are the days of acquiring hardware and changing the infrastructure just to suit the needs of new technology. The service brings an opportunity to transition to the cloud and provision those applications in a matter of weeks.

Let’s face it: It’s expensive to buy new hardware. And with today’s pace of technology innovation, it’s impossible to keep up – few companies in the world, if any, could afford it. Greg Tomb, executive vice president of Global Services at SAP, believes that taking that burden away affords companies the flexibility and scale to start small and grow incrementally as business needs change.

Stephen Spears, senior vice president and head of Global Sales for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud at SAP, notes that this strategy is based on incremental steps. “This shift provides a road map to adopting a digital enterprise and making important strategic decisions for their future development and growth,” he states.

Growing in the cloud is faster and easier than doing it in house. “Innovation is the future, and it will happen in the cloud,“ advises Sanjay Kulkarni, global vice president of Cloud Architecture and Advisory at SAP. “Future development drives many business decisions, and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud provides the foundation for innovation and serves as an accelerator of future technology adoption.“

However, Margaret Anderson, head of Partner Management and Launch Advisory at SAP, doesn’t discount the power of incorporating three critical ingredients into any digital transformation strategy: governance, knowledge, and structure. With SAP, businesses get the platform they require as well as the those capabilities necessary to help make their cloud-based digital transformation as simple and successful as possible.

Simplifying the road to cloud-based innovation and digital success

Digital transformation is not a destination; it’s a journey. And for anyone just starting out, it can be overwhelming. However, SAP knows that it doesn’t have to be that way.

This year’s SAPPHIRE NOW provides four great opportunities to learn more about digital transformation, how to achieve it, and which tools can help you get underway:

Explore the Path to the Next-Generation Business Suite

Discover where you are on your cloud journey. Find out how the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service can help you achieve your company's long-term goals. Understand the current and future landscape and priorities as well as the critical role of this service in simplifying your deployment and preparing your path.

Journey Towards a Digital Transformation

Dream digital and accelerate your path to a digital enterprise. Get started today with the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service. Find out how this offering accelerates adoption of the SAP HANA platform and reduces time to value by overcoming on-premise deployment challenges, complexity, and investment cost.

MIT's Migration to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Migration

A Fast-Track Journey Hear how MIT, in six months, successfully migrated its on-premise SAP ERP application systems to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Explore MIT’s migration strategy; hardware, operating system, and database selections; project organization; potential pitfalls; mitigations; and lessons learned.

Ready to chart your path to becoming a digital enterprise? Join us at SAPPHIRE NOW to learn how.