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When it comes to technology support, “next generation” is actually about evolving a set of services that customers demand during a time of industry disruption. Our promise of delighting customers anytime, anywhere, and from any channel is pushing us to constantly rethink how support is delivered.

Quick Resolution with Personalized Customer Support Experiences

SAP has introduced numerous innovations with the mindset of helping customers become more productive while taking advantage of the latest intelligent technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. The same intelligent services led to the creation of the personalized support assistant.

Through an efficient and intuitive experience, the support assistant workflow asks users targeted and relevant questions about their problem until they are narrowed down to a solution. Intelligent technologies are working in the background to filter out the best possible solutions, which can be knowledge base articles or an SAP Note. However, if a solution is not identified through the workflow wizard, the user is automatically prompted to submit relevant log or trace files. In the background, parser engines analyze the information, pinpoint the issue, alert the customer about the criticality of its problem, and ultimately deliver the right solution.

Speaking to a Manager at SAP Support

Additional innovation in SAP services also led to the introduction of the Schedule a Manager service. It provides customers with an easy way to engage directly with SAP support managers to bring management attention to a service exception or service dissatisfaction, complementing Expert Chat and Schedule an Expert services. During a scheduled, live phone conversation, customers have a real-time channel for sharing their SAP solution concerns and demands with a qualified manager, reducing the effort and frustration levels.

Expanding the Expert Pool for Real-Time Results

Today, many consumer brands provide online forums to customers so they can post their questions in pursuit of solutions. Bringing the same principle to enterprise software, SAP is offering the ability to have the same kind of instant contact with a peer who is also a product expert, in a private chat room environment. Today, customers of SAP SuccessFactors solutions can do just that. Ask an Expert allows users to collaborate on technical, product-related questions through one-on-one interactions with an approved industry expert outside of SAP.

By broadening the pool of experts available, SAP is providing a real-time support experience for non-critical incidents.

Support Training and Accreditation Focused on Customer Needs

As SAP strives to continuously empower its customers, we are constantly creating new services and tools to fulfill customers’ ever-evolving needs. Users can explore new ways to benefit from offerings through the Product Support Accreditation program for free!

The two-hour, guided learning experience includes short videos detailing the latest tools and capabilities of support services, designed to optimize the value of their SAP solution investment. Customers can review the content at their convenience as often as they like to stay up to date.

An Evolution Toward the Ultimate Customer Support Vision

In its quest to deliver an exceptional experience, SAP is bringing in a new era of intelligent, Next-Generation Support from driving fast, accurate support answers with support assistant to our rich selection of real-time interaction channels, Ask an Expert Peer and the Product Support accreditation program. Did I mention that all the support services in this blog are entirely free for our customers?

Milestone after milestone, SAP is taking the support experience in an entirely new direction as part of its desire to help customers succeed – always.


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