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Social Media offers new ways of interacting and engaging with customers. So, when you think about who these customers are that want to engage with Brands or what their mindsets are, you can describe them as follows. Let’s use a persona, named John.

"John is 23 and learns about breaking news and new products via channels like Twitter and Facebook. He desires direct conversation with brands about his needs and is currently frustrated about not having a direct channel where he can do this. He expects brands to be active and wants the brands respond quickly."

So what does it mean for a Brand Manager?

A Brand Manager needs to be more active than before due to the fact that a simple message can become a “**** storm” (excuse my French) within hours. But the other challenges the Brand Manager  is facing is that they need to manage multiple channels and have a de-centralized view on the opinions they receive . Furthermore, they do not really know how important one opinion is which they receive on Facebook or Twitter due to the missing voting options.

So what channels can a Brand Manager use for SCRM? Here are some solutions that could help:

  • - Croking is a platform aimed at making an impact on the ways that businesses and consumers interact with one another. Croking wants to make the     world a better place. How? By successfully closing the vast gap between consumers & businesses, benefiting both parties.

  • - UserVoice is a software-as-a-service provider of customer support tools that include feedback forums to understand the ideas users care about most; a support ticket system to track and respond to customer support requests; a knowledge base to answer common questions and help users find the information they need when they need it.

  • ; - A  customer feedback solution that can be integrated into company websites to receive suggestions from users .

  • - is a community platform used by companies of all sizes to build customer engagement, acquire more customers, improve customer service, and drive product innovation.

In my next blog post, I will review all of them.