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Probably not surprising to you that the law of life is change. Change is inevitable in every facet of our lives. How you manage it is what counts.

It's no different in business. What do change champions have to say? Learn about successful strategies to manage change.

A Human Capital Media / SAP survey reveals that learning and development (L&D) is an integral part of orchestrating change management practices at best-in-class companies. What’s in their Change Champions’ toolkit that you can put into action?

On August 6th at 10 AM EDT, SAP Radio will broadcast a lively discussion about managing change. If you can't make this date/time, no worries because it's a digital broadcast and accessible 24X7 after the live show!

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This is a very compelling broadcast. I urge you to grab a cup of coffee (tea, water...), sit back, relax and listen. You WILL enjoy this session and you WILL learn.

All the best,