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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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David Poisson, BI Director, SAP Global IT, has spent the last nine years, first at BusinessObjects, and then at SAP, helping business people make the best use of information within the company.

Like SAP's own customers, David has lived through the pains of large-scale deployments, upgrades, and changes of data warehousing strategy. Unlike most BI departments, David has the luxury of not having to pay for the software, but lives life on the edge by deploying beta productsinternally when they're only in beta, to ensure that they are ready for prime time when they get to customers.

I caught up with David at SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid to discuss the changes he's seen over the years, and where analytics at SAP is going in the future.

If you're interested in real-life discussions of BusinessObjects, HANA, and BW deployments, I strongly recommend visiting the SAP runs SAP area of SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid, or reaching out to him directly.