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At SAPPHIRE 2014 in Orlando, Fiori has been announced the User Experience for SAP products. The principles of the Fiori Experience reflect the way SAP wants to support the user with a responsive and simple design that caters to different types of users and roles.

Role-Based - Designed for People and How They Work

The applications cater to different users and roles to best support their work. Modular apps that are optimized to certain tasks can be combined to support more complex flows. By carrying over context between apps the individual apps become a network of functionality.

  • Understand tasks I need to do and help me do it better
  • Use a human tone and speak the language of my business
  • Build from insights within my business networks
  • Give me the information I need to complete my tasks
  • Bring together all information and function the user needs, independent from where it is stored

Responsive - What You Need, Where You Need It

Fiori apps can run on different form factors out of one code base. Therefore users will be able to consistently do their work in the office, at home or on their way.

  • Deliver the best experience on any device I use
  • Feature smart adaptation where required
  • React to who I am and what I do
  • Take my point of view.
  • Offer different perspectives from within the same page

Simple - Focused on the Important

The greatest challenge is to reduce to the important, getting rid of unnecessary functionality and content. With Fiori the design process is targeted to optimize everything along the user needs focusing on the important.

  • Make essential functions obvious and easy to use
  • Help me focus on the important
  • Automate what you can but ensure I am in control
  • Tell me how I am doing, give me feedback along the way

Coherent - One Fluid Experience

The Fiori Launchpad is the platform that integrates all apps into one coherent environment offering services like search, sharing or navigation.

  • All apps speak the same language
  • Do the same thing in the same way everywhere
  • Leverage my digital content; make it seamless
  • Make the experience comfortable and familiar

Delightful - Beyond The Expected

Using the latest fronted technologies UI5 offers many ways to boost the experience with advanced visuals, animations and interactivity.

  • Make me better at my job. Acknowledge my expertise.
  • Show me the impact of my contribution
  • Go beyond what is expected; amaze me.
  • Be smart and proactive.
  • Give me an assistent and coworker, not just a tool.