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What is the real return on engagement, and how has the digital customer changed the scope and scale of how we interact with real customers via the social web?

Chris Brogan and SAP’s Jamie Anderson sat down [video below] with Butch Stearns of The Pulse Network to discuss the ROI of engagement, or the real return on engagement. Although you may understand the term in customer context – you may not have followed best practices on how to convert engagement into dollar signs.

As we know, gaining viewership and attention is far more difficult than it used to be.  With a low barrier to entry, the social and digital media space is available to all who blog, tweet or post video – consequently, there is more noise out in the social web than ever before.  It is incredibly vital and challenging to gain the digital customer’s attention and harder still – to hold onto it.  Unlike traditional advertising on channels such as television and radio, the digital realm has an expectation of enough content to consume and then spread becoming advocates and engagement marketers for you and your brand.

Bottom line for engagement marketers – if you or your brand can take that initial touch point, develop that touch point into a relationship, then develop real time marketing programs that are highly relevant to that customer – you will increase the dollar amount of the sale.  And you will also drive your customer service to new heights – you and your products have just become relevant to the digital customers’ needs.

Check out part one of a four-part series with Chris Brogan, Jamie Anderson and Butch Stearns discussing what engagement really means, and how you

can take the initial digital “touch point” and turn around and make the sale.

Tune in as this conversation continues on the Customer Edge TV – the pilot webisode on March 28, 2013 at 3pm ET, Noon Pacific on The Pulse Network with Paul Greenberg, Kiran Koons, Bentley Systems plus SAP’s Volker Hildebrand and Jim Goldfinger.

This post originally published on Business2Community.