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Let’s start with a scrumptious question, do you like Chocolates? :smile:

If yes (I pity the less than 1% population who doesn’t :razz: ), let me sketch a portrait of how chocolates were sold and consumed some decades ago.

Imagine it was 30 years ago and you were experiencing those pleasurably guilty feelings for chocolate, back when chocolates were only sold in large bars/sizes. Now consider that at this time, a single chocolate bar cost approx. $1 - and if you only had 25 cents in your pocket or didn’t have an appetite for the whole bar itself, the only options remaining were to either; 1) to pay the extra price, 2) decline to purchase the chocolate, or 3) feel pity about the whole situation. :sad:

Come the early 1990’s we witnessed a revolutionary marketing strategy: the same ingredients, the same brand, the same chocolate  started coming out in smaller packages to satisfy the world’s bite-sized craving for chocolate. As a result, chocolate companies were able to increase profits and satisfy customer demands by offering the exact same product but in smaller portions and at a more affordable price.

The same concept and strategy can be related to SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (see SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions – The Basics) to address the specific business needs of the masses. These packaged solutions from SAP help our customers consume business management software easier, faster, and with more predictability.

For addressing the need of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), SAP followed the ‘chocolate’ approach by offering smaller consumable packages of SAP CRM, which can easily be integrated into the SAP CRM portfolio:


These Rapid-deployment solution offerings for the CRM Line of Business (LOB) Customer enable customers to ‘devour the CRM giant’ one bite at a time.

These solutions deliver best practices for powerful sales, service, and marketing processes  which when combined with the know-how of certified SAP CRM consultants, enables the implementation of a robust CRM solution in as little as 6-8 weeks; at a drastically low services-to-software cost ratio.

Isn’t the scope pre-defined?  ( ℹ The limited dimensions of chocolate in packages :smile: )

Yes, but only initially. Customers can start with the core processes of Sales, Service, and Marketing and then can grow, extend, and innovate to: go Mobile, setup a Service desk/Call center, or use high performance analytics by leveraging the in-memory power of SAP HANA.

Each of these solution offerings contributes to the total CRM objective - with a fixed price tag and the ability to seamlessly integrate with other SAP software investments.

Lifting the Gourmet spirit, how about the anonymous box of Pralines? :smile:

To learn more about SAP Rapid-deployment solutions for CRM, check out these videos: