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T-Mobile does it. Caterpillar does it. Ford does it. All of these companies have recognized the need for better customer engagement, and all of them are changing the way they think about their marketing, sales and customer service strategies.

So you’ve got great products and a great marketing message. But are you delighting your audience with remarkable brand experiences? Are you contributing to at least a few of the 2.4 billion brand-related conversations happening among consumers daily? To engage customers today, Marketers must be delightful, innovative and personal.

Your sales team is the best in the business. But in the age of the hyper-informed consumer, your buyer’s decision-making process may be 70 percent over by the time she contacts a sales rep. In order to stay relevant to customers, sales organizations must increase their understanding of their customers’ unique challenges, connect with them earlier, and help shape their vision of your company.

“This is Customer service, how may I help you?” does not qualify as good customer service anymore. 71 percent of customers don’t think companies are taking any action to keep their business. Know who your customer is and what he or she wants before “hello.” Add value to every interaction, empower your reps to become customer service ninjas, and watch your customers become brand promoters before your very eyes.

Check out the infographic below to find out more about how and why the rules of customer engagement have changed for Marketing, Sales, and Service.

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