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Where does team work actually originate from? , does it come from the need of each person being aware of their weakness and thus come together to share their strengths. In a team, if all are equally strong, then does it make the team better or a battleground of egos? 

In SAP we constantly talk about One SAP and there are many who try to put this into action. My experience has been that cross department teams work much better than the teamwork that we try to build within our own departments. The main reason as to why this happens is because of the feeling that each are capable to work individually and thus create a competitive environment rather than creating  an environment of collaborative actions. This becomes worse when the team lacks a leader who can direct the energy to a single purpose.

Team work has to come from the need of accomplishment and the want for excellence. Each member could be in competition with each other but the end goal should get the members to work together. This is supported by the clarity and direction that the leader takes, his pre-emptive actions in using the strengths of his team members to overcome the weakness of others, this helps the team move forward in accomplishing tasks. It is also important not to forget that each member has a responsibility to each other in terms of respect and integrity. A need to understand other members of the team will help in balancing selfish motives with team goals.

A team will be as strong as its weakest link, in order to accomplish tasks we need to use each other's capabilities and work towards the same purpose. This should be channeled and managed by a leader who can direct the energy to the right direction with energy and focus. When clarity is brought to the environment, then members who may have personal goals to achieve will be able to align with team goals. A team has to work as a unit oiled in clarity and focus.