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As a kid were you lucky to spend a day at work with one of your parents? Well my kids, lucky or not, got to do that with me, and I would like to share our experiences with it. Now the fun and interesting bit, my kids writing about their experience at SAP Vancouver, is going to be part way down this blog and the beginning of part two to this blog.  I would like to start with how this came about, and how I made it happen both at work and at home.

It started one day in the van while the kids were “discussing” what DVD to watch. Gloria, my wife, and I were reminiscing about going to work with our parents and the fun we had. Gloria mentioned how much she liked going to work with her dad, from going to work with him when he was a student at University of British Columbia and later at his fitness center. As for myself I recalled enjoying going to my dad’s work, and getting to ride in the heavy duty machinery, or even just accompanying him on his own part time jobs.

This is when both kids stopped their “discussion” and piped up with “Can we go to your work with you one day dad”? My answer to them was that I didn’t know, and I would have to find out if it would be allowed.

My first and biggest worry was that they would be utterly bored. When I went to my dad’s work there was heavy machinery, trains, and getting to ride in them, it was cool! What could I offer? Nine hours sitting at a desk and talking on the phone. Thankfully Gloria assured me this wouldn’t be an issue and that they could bring along some quiet activities, books and school work just in case.

The next step was talking to my Manager CJ, who discussed it with the other mangers in our area. He came back with a go-ahead and a suggestion that perhaps the kids should blog about their experience; thanks Murray! I then spoke to the others sitting directly around me and they were all fine with this so we were set to go!

Back at home Gloria and I set expectations of what the day was going to be like from getting up an hour earlier to behaviour in the office. I also made sure they took part in my typical day, from the morning commute, to meetings to the afternoon commute with my coworkers.

Now finally the good bits start.

I would like to introduce my son Owen who is 9 years old. He spent the first day with me and this is his experience in words and pictures:

Hi my name is Owen. Today I went to my dad's work to see what he does and I’m writing a blog about what it’s like.  When we got on the sky train to go to work dad and I talked while eating a bagel that had egg in it. When we got to SAP I got a security badge and I got an apple and raspberry lemonade, dad had a banana. There even is free fruit!  Then dad showed me around his work and got me a computer from I.T. (pssst... my computer was better than dads!)

Me at my desk starting this blog!

Dad showed me what he does in the morning then he and I did some work together. After, he did some other work while I worked on my blog a bit. We got to make a virtual computer to help test something for a coworker in Florida. Dad and I did not actually build a real computer with parts like screws and nails and electric wires, we just put information on it. After we went for lunch which was pizza and coke. When we got back to SAP we tested something, then we dealt with 2 calls. When were waiting for something to download we had a short break and played ping pong and foosball. Then we went back to work. We installed 2 programs which are Lumira and HANA studio. My dad works on Lumira and HANA is the fastest data base.

Lunch time!

Dad's office is always quiet but it is fun and I liked doing this. There’s lots of people in the building but not much people around us and I liked how the desks are big and curved to make it almost a circle. l also liked how there were plants growing up the wall. We went home on the skytrain with two people dad works with. I had a good day and I hope I get to do it again!

The cool caboose outside of SAP!

Please continue to part 2 with my daughter’s experiences and my final thoughts on the day.

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