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Hi Friends,

Whenever system technical monitoring does not work after you see that system is configured properly in Solution Manager, following checklist helps you to fix the issue.

Check 1: Solman's Landscape Management Database (LMDB) data should be up-to-date and consistent.

               The System Monitoring application picks data from LMDB only. Hence, check the technical instances, product and software versions are  reflected properly in LMDB from System  Landscape Directory (SLD)

Check 2: Read Remote Function Call (RFC) from Solman to Managed System should be working.

               Solman collects the monitoring metrics for an ABAP system through RFC call. The READ RFC created to managed system should pass connection and authorization test to collect the data, fix the RFC if it does not work.

Check 3: DBACOCKPIT Connection should be working.

               The Database monitoring information is collected by establishing a DB connection to the managed system DB.This is done by DBACOCKPIT   of Solman System. Go to Tx: DBACOCKPIT and verify the DB connection works clicking "Test Connection". DBACOCKPIT can fail due to invalid DB connection user credentials or because of DB listener issue, fix the connection accordingly.

Check 4: Solman Diagnostic (SMD) Agent should be able to connect to Solman.

               This is very important. The Solman gets host level, instance level data from SMD Agent. SMD Agent runs on the managed system host, connects to Solman through http and reports the data to solman. If the SMD Agent is not working, you cannot get monitoring information. Therefore, ensure SMD agent is running at the process level, and SMD Agent status is connected to Solman (You can check in Agent Administration Application of Solman).There can be many reasons for SMD Agent not working. To know the root cause and fix the SMD Agent, at host level

      • Logon to the host
      • Change to DAAADM user
      • Navigate to /usr/sap/DAA/SMDA<Instance_Number>/SMDAgent/log
      • Check for the newest SMDSystem.<number>.log file, this gives information about SMD Agent issue like connection error or Authorization errors
      • Check the newest e2emai.<number>.log file, this gives information about metrics monitored and errors in monitoring

Check 5: Wily Agent should be running.

                Solman also collects the monitoring data from Wily Enterprise Manager (EM). Therefore, ensure the Wily Enterprise Manager Service is running at your EM Server.

                Logon to EM server host, navigate to /usr/sap/ccms path and check the status of the Wily through the shell script ./ status and bring it up using ./ start command.

After these simple checks, if there are no major issues, the System Monitoring should work and you should see the monitoring status in Solman :smile:

I will cover Advanced Solman Technical Monitoring Troubleshooting in another blog.


Nagendra Ashwath