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I would like to share some tips for deploying and enhancing SAP's mobility applications based on Syclo Agentry platform. Starting with this post I will try to cover as much as I know and would like to see further open discussion about Syclo application and SAP's other Enterprise Mobility products.

Some prerequisites before you read this series of Syclo application implementations:

1) You have attended Syclo Overview training and gets the basic idea about Syclo's architecture.

2) You understand the typical landscape of an Mobile app implementation including Agentry Server, Agentry Editor (setup and usage), ATE and Syclo Add-on on SAP's NetWeaver Business Suite backends.

3) You understand the basic definition of Agentry Project including Module/Transaction/Screenset/Fetch/Platform/Screen/etc.

4) You have basic Java knowledge and also the classes delivered with the syclo-based applications.

So for this first blog I will try to cover the easiest part -- deployment.

1. Download, Installation and Setup

Go to SAP Support Marketplace website and download the installation stuff from /SWDC -> A-Z index choose "M" then SAP Mobile and Navigate to the application you are interested with. Download all of necessary files.

From NetWeaver backend perspective, you only have to add the Syclo add-on and also the support package for it (should be downloaded altogether) to the backend system (Saint, SPAM). To confirm the successful installation of add-on check in SE80 for packages/classes/function groups with "/Syclo*" and transaction codes containing /Syclo (typically /syclo/configpanel ).

From Agentry Server perspective, you need to unzip some files for Server installation and choose to install a single DEV server or both the DEV and PRD servers. And prepare the Agentry Editor with eclipse and the files delivered in the Editor folder. And you can also install the ATE. All of them are quite easy to go. Just follow the instructions. And during server installation you might need to input the backend server and user information. Don't be panic if you fill in them wrongly because those information are completely configurable after installation (through Agentry.ini and JavaBE.ini).

From end-user/client perspective, you just need to navigate to corresponding application store and get the apps installed on your device.

2. Get it work.

Basically you start the Agentry server already if you have finished all the steps above. If you fill in something wrong during installation of Agentry server, now you can start those server info configurations manually on JavaBE.ini files (server, port, user, client, etc..)

And note down the information of the windows server where you install your Agentry Server and you can launch the application from your device or do it with ATE. Configure the app with the server ip/hostname and the port you maintained in the profile.

Now the application should work already.

3. Get ready for enhancing.

To get ready for enhancing, you need to import the Agentry project and lots of Java main projects. Copy the standard ones and get your Z-agentry projects, and get familiar with the Java classes

I think that shall be all for a quick and easy deployment of the mobile application. But in reality you never have the sufficient experience that you continue until the very end. So I leave an open Q&A section and I will add interesting or typical issues we normally encountered in the deployment of Syclo apps.

4. Q&A.

I hope you enjoy reading this post. Please feedback to me if there is any!